Using the SQLite Integration 1.4 plugin on a newly-installed WordPress 3.6.1 site, if I post a new article with the following text:

Between foo and bar.

The text of the post is deleted (eaten) after I click Publish.

It is saved as a Draft post, with a title but no text.

Other articles are posted correctly, provided they don’t have the words “between” & “and” in close proximity, although I’m not sure what is going on there exactly.

This seems specific to the SQLite plugin, as I can’t replicate the bug using MySQL.

kjmtsh has patched the current development version of the SQLite Integration plugin to fix this bug. You can download it from here:

Click on the “Development Version” link. This link may also work.

Replacing your existing query.class.php with the new version should be all that is necessary.

This is a summary of the bug report I submitted to the WordPress support site.

I imagine the fix will also be in a future 1.5 release of the plugin.

Update: This was fixed in the 1.4.1 release.


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