I discovered “podcasting” by accident in August 2004 (??) after reading a message on a Yahoo! Groups mailing list for fans of the TV show “Nowhere Man” (starring Bruce Greenwood as Tom Veil). I forget what the message was about, but the writer had her own audio show. I forget what the show was about too, but it was available for download in MP3 format from her web site. I think she may have started putting a link to the show MP3s as an “enclosure” in the RSS feed for her show’s weblog. I’m going to have to go back and check all of this at some stage. At the time I had a vague idea of what RSS was but not of its potential. I think the reason for this was because I never liked any of the RSS aggregation software I’d tried up until that point, but that’s another story. Probably about a week later I discovered Adam Curry’s “Daily Source Code”. I’m not sure it was called that initially though. Incidentally, at the time Adam Curry reminded me a bit of Bruce Greenwood in looks and personality, although not so much now. I wonder if they’ve met each other. Probably. It would be funny if Bruce did his own podcast… and Adam could interview him! OK, I’m living in fantasyland.

Initially these RSS audio enclosures weren’t called podcasts. I mostly just thought of them as “audioblogs” or just “radio shows on the web”. For a short while Dave Slusher (Evil Genius Chronicles) refered to them as “bundles of passion”. I think it was a guy named Danny Gregiore (sp?) who came up with the idea of using the name “podcast” to refer to RSS audio enclosures, and Dave Slusher picked up on that and called his “show” a podcast, then Adam Curry started using it, then pretty much everyone did. Conveniently, when podcasting kicked off was about the same time that I got broadband Internet access over ADSL (prior to which I’d been connected semi-permanently using a 28.8K dialup modem), so the newly found speed certainly opened up a few “new worlds” for me. A few months (?) later I started a Podcasters mailing list on Yahoo Groups after hearing Dave Slusher talk about the need for a central forum for podcasters to share their knowledge, etc., and wondering why nobody had beat me to it. I think also at the time I had aspirations of doing my own podcast, but I’ve now decided that if I ever do have a podcast it will be of my own new music, and not me rambling away about nothing in particular.

This entire post needs fact checking and lots of links put in.

Update: (2005-06-03) Just to complete the circle, there is a podcast named Nowhere Man at http://feeds.feedburner.com/nowhereman, although I don’t think it’s related to the TV series!


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