Wednesday night’s (2006-03-15) episode of Beyond Tomorrow was a repeat of their 2005-07-27 show, episode #9. Oddly, they’re not showing the show notes for episode #9, instead showing them as the notes for episode #30. It looks as though next week’s show (2006-03-22) will be a repeat of episode #17 (2005-09-21).

Maybe Seven are showing repeats because the 2006 Commonwealth Games is being shown at the same time on a competing channel.

Speaking of the Commonwealth Games, here is a panoramic photo taken near the banks of the Yarra during the night of the opening ceremony. Can you find Waldo?

Many of the festivities were held there (with an estimated 120,000 people turning up – and it felt like it!), combined with the main ceremony at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (where there was another 80,000, apparently).

The Games don’t interest me all that much, but the cycling road race around the Royal Botanical Gardens should be good to see. I might take some photos…


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