I’ve started a Yahoo! Flickr account for storing some of my photos. The address is http://flickr.com/photos/ozzmosis/. There’s also an RSS feed for people using news aggregators, so you’ll know whenever I upload a new photo.

The ‘Flickr Uploadr’ is fairly impressive. You can use it to upload a group pictures at once. If they’re large images it will ask if you want to resize them. It looks like the maximum width of an image you can upload is 1600 pixels unless you pay for a ‘Pro’ account. Pro accounts are $US24.95 (about $AU50) per annum, which basically gives you unlimited everything, and you can use it to archive high-resolution photos, so that seems like a good deal. After the Uploadr program finishes uploading it verifies whether all the photos uploaded properly. (I’m not sure what protocol it uses to upload. HTTP presumably. Will have to check that out later.)


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