‘The Australian’ TV Guide for Wednesday, April 28, 1976:



8:00 Sesame Street
9:10 For Schools
9:30 Play School
10:00 For Schools
1:00 News
1:10 Horizon – 5
2:10 For Schools
3:15 Andy Pandy (Rpt) B&W
3:30 Play School B&W
3:55 Sesame Street
4:55 Adventure Island B&W
5:20 Cartoons B&W
5:25 Secret Squirrel
5:45 Target
6:15 Phoenix Five (Rpt)
6:40 Bellbird
6:55 31 Tonight
7:00 News
7:26 Weather
7:30 This Day Tonight
8:00 A Big Country: She Simply Wanted To Fly. The Story of Nancy Bird
Walton, Australia’s most famous woman pioneer pilot, who gained a
commercial pilot’s licence in the 1930s because “she simply wanted
to fly.”
8:30 Certain Women
9:20 America: The Arsenal (Rpt). Alistair Cooke looks at the development
of America into a military giant in the two hundred years since
Americans trusted for defence in “a rifle by the fireside.”
10:10 News, Weather
10:20 Funky Road


11:00 Return To Peyton Place (Rpt)
11:30 Movies: The Outsider (Rpt) B&W. Drama starring George Sanders.
The Last Voyage (Rpt) B&W. Drama starring Robert Stack.
3:00 Homicide (Rpt)
4:00 Merrie Melodies (Rpt)
4:30 Batman (Rpt)
5:00 The Beverly Hillbillies (Rpt)
5:30 Get Smart (Rpt)
6:00 The Flintstones (Rpt)
6:30 National News
7:00 I Dream Of Jeannie (Rpt) The Battle Of Waikiki
7:30 Special: The Paul Hogan Show. Special guests include Mike
McClellan, John Paul Young, Marcia Hines, The Korean Children’s
Choir, Michael Willesee and Beryl Cheers.
8:30 Movie: A Man For All Seasons. Stars Paul Scofield. Set in 16th
Century England. Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England, incurs
the wrath of King Henry VIII by refusing to condone the King’s
divorce and his second marriage to Anne Boleyn. He resigns as
Chancellor, is imprisoned by trecherous Cromwell and later
charged with high treason.
10:50 Movie: The Maltese Bippy: Comedy starring Dan Rowan, Dick Martin,
Carol Lynley, Julie Newmar. Two nudie movie producers, put out of
business by police, retreat to their haunted house in Flushing,
where a strange European family lives next door.
12:35 UFO: Ordeal (Rpt)


7:00 Super Flying Fun Show
8:00 Here’s Humphrey
10:00 Celebrity Squares (Rpt)
10:30 Dinah
11:30 Search For Tomorrow
11:55 News
12:00 Days Of Our Lives
1:00 The Young And The Restless
2:00 General Hospital
2:30 Another World
3:25 News
3:30 No Man’s Land
4:00 Cartoon Corner
5:00 My Three Sons (Rpt) B&W
5:30 Bugs Bunny Show (Rpt)
6:00 Celebrity Squares
6:30 News Centre Nine
7:00 A Current Affair
7:30 Luke’s Kingdom: A Man Worse Than Cormac. Cormac Doyle, a large
English-hating Irishman, travels with his ruffians trying to take
over squatters’ land bug Luke refuses to sell.
8:30 Movie: England Made Me. Starring Peter Finch, Michael York,
Hildegard Neil, Michael Horden. A triangular love story set in the
increasingly nazi-dominated Germany of the early 1930s. Against a
background of intrigue and unscrupulous business dealing, a game
of chess is plotted, but the pawns are human, victims of their own
excesses and the cancer of nazism which flourishes around them.
10:15 Upstairs Downstairs: The Swedish Tiger (Rpt). James has a Swedish
army officer to stay as his guest at Eaton Place.
11:15 The Fast Lady (Rpt) B&W. Starring Julie Christie, James Robertson
Justice, Stanley Baker. A dogmatic Scot who is a civil servant and
an enthusiastic cyclist becomes involved with a tycoon and his
pretty car-mad daughter.


7:00 All Electric Non-Stop Cartoon Carnival (Rpt)
8:40 Yoga (Rpt)
9:00 Movie: The Shadow Of The Cat (Rpt) B&W. Stars Andre Morell.
10:30 Farmer’s Daughter (Rpt) B&W
11:00 Roy Hampson Show
12:00 Celebrity Game
12:30 Vi’s Pad
1:00 Casino 10
1:30 Mike Walsh Show
3:00 Pot Of Gold
4:00 It’s About Time (Rpt)
4:30 Gilligan’s Island (Rpt)
5:00 Daniel Boone (Rpt)
6:00 Eyewitness News
6:30 Ernie
7:30 The Rookies: Another Beginning For Ben Fuller. Retired eight years
from the force, Ben FUller resumes duty when an old friend is the
victim of a mugging, and his efforts pose fresh problems for the
8:30 Number 96
9:30 The Box
10:30 I Spy: My Mother The Spy (Rpt). A former U.S. spy refuses to
return to the States with her child, although she is in danger.
11:30 Movie: It’s Your Move (Rpt). Comedy starring Edward G. Robinson,
Aldofo Celi, Terry-Thomas. A well organised bank robbery is
skilfully carried out after the staff of a small bank are
kidnapped and replaced by their identical doubles.



8:00 Sesame Street
9:00 For Schools
9:30 Play School
10:00 For Schools
1:00 News
1:10 Horizon – 5
1:30 For Schools
3:15 Andy Pandy B&W
3:30 Play School B&W
3:55 Sesame Street
4:55 Adventure Island B&W
5:25 Secret Squirrel (Rpt)
5:45 Target
6:15 Phoenix Five (Rpt)
6:40 Bellbird
6:55 To Market, To Market
7:00 News
7:26 Weather
7:30 This Day Tonight
8:00 Certain Women
8:50 News
8:55 Landscape
9:10 Soccer
10:05 Onedin Line: (Rpt) Salvage. The Charlotte Rhodes, badly damged by
violent storms, is foundering. Calion makes it a race for salvage.
10:55 Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (Rpt)
11:25 Weather


2:00 Thought For The Day
2:02 Best Of Homicide (Rpt) B&W
3:00 At Home
4:00 Serials B&W
4:30 Barrier Reef (Rpt)
5:00 Tony’s Curiosity Show
6:00 Celebrity Squares
6:30 News, Sport, Weather
7:00 The Odd Couple
7:30 Hawaii Five-O; Three Thousand Crooked Miles To Honolulu
8:30 Number 96
9:30 The Main Chance: Doll On A Wall. When david Main tracks Hilary
Nash down in Amsterdam, he finds she is with a young man who
becomes a greater threat to their happiness than either would have
10:30 I Spy: Court Of The Lion. An Oxford educated Zulu seeks revenge on
white men by selling industrial diamonds to the Red Chinese.
11:30 Thought For The Day


1:25 A Thought For The Day
1:28 Celebrity Squares
1:58 Buylines
2:10 Days Of Our Lives
2:30 Tanarama
4:00 Newsreel (Rpt)
4:25 Junior Flyers Club
4:35 Land Of The Giants (Rpt)
5:30 Skippy (Rpt)
6:00 Happy Days
6:30 News, Weather
7:00 I Dream Of Jeannie
7:30 Kung Fu: Flight To Orion
8:30 Number 96
9:30 Kojak: Conspiracy Of Fear. Kojak again tangles with authority over
a murder investigation.
10:30 Bracken’s World: A Team Of One-Legged Acrobats. When a married
director-writer team quarrell and separate, Bracken helps them
understand one’s no good without the other.
11:30 News, Weather
11:40 Thought For The Day (Rpt)


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