I’ve now switched from the original Perl version of Blosxom to Pyblosxom, which is a rewrite in Python. It seems to run quite a bit faster than the original, plus it’s easier to configure. It was almost a drop-in replacement! I haven’t found any downsides yet…

Actually probably the only downside is that I didn’t know about it earlier.

Update: Ah, there is a problem with the HTML rendering displaying the time of each post. Hmm…

Update #2: It seems there’s a bug in Pyblosxom that prevents you from using:

  $yr-$mo_num-$da $hr:$min

in story.html. The ‘-‘ between the variables is tripping it up, I think. As a workaround I’ve just switched to using “$date $ti”.

Update #3: Related to the above, I also had to edit story.rss20 so that
the pubDate fields in the RSS feed would validate properly. Now I’m using:

  $date $ti:00 +1000

Update #4 (phew!): I also had to change $url to $base_url in story.rss20, or else the permalinks were broken.


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