I’m going to start making a note of most of the cycling I do. Well, anything over 10 km. Most of it is recreational, although sometimes I’ll cycle to visit friends.

Today I cycled 21 km, mostly off-road on my newly refurbished mountain bike. Went from Mt Eliza to north Mt Martha partly via the railway line trail, then back along the coastal trail to Mornington shops for a Subway roll at dusk. The weather was a bit windy, but mostly sunny and not too cold. The ride really got my legs working. I also met some friendly low-flying seagulls at Linley Point south of Mornington Pier. They flew less than a metre above me as I watched the sunset!

Great ride.

I couldn’t get a clear photo, so this bit of Photoshop fakery will have to do… 🙂


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