I’m making the most of some better weather Melbourne has had this week. On my road bike today I cycled 37 km cycled in 2 hours 4 minutes. Fairly slow going, but most of it was back streets and trails. The route was Mt Eliza to Frankston to Seaford to Carrum Downs then back to Frankston. I took the Seaford to Carrum Downs trail to/from Carrum Downs. The trail scenery is nothing special – mostly the rear of industrial buildings in Seaford, and the back fences of houses in Carrum Downs.

On the upside, this trail is mostly flat (except for crossing the bridge over the freeway) so may be a good way for Carrum Downs residents to cycle to Seaford railway station. There are a few problems though, mostly in the Carrum Downs section:

  • There are no pedestrian lights at the Frankston-Dandenong Road crossing. At 6:15 pm, Frankston-bound cars were banked up from the Ballarto Road intersection. If you want to cross at this point you have to be assertive…
  • Nasty chicane-style metal (and other) bollards in the residential area. Some of the chicanes are quite narrow and without reflectors, so a bit dangerous at night, even with the aid of lights.
  • The trail crosses Boggy Creek in Botany Park, but is flooded at this point. There really should be some sort of bridge here.

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