45.5 km of riding on the road bike early today, with friends:

8.1 km – Home to Frankston
37.4 km – Federation Square to Fawkner

The route went via road north through the CBD via Russell St, snaking through Carlton, Fitzroy and Collingwood, up Hoddle St to Heidelberg Rd, crossing Darebin Creek bridge and left into Willowbank Gv. At this point the Darebin Creek trail was under construction, which involves building a wooden footbridge across the creek. Bridge is only partly made at this stage, but just passable.

Kept heading north along the Darebin trail, with a few possibilities of getting lost due to poor or nonexistant signage, especially north of Bell St, Preston.

Bumpy walking trail where the bike trail ends at Tee St, Reservoir. Found a place to cross the creek (at this point a drain) to get on another section of the Darebin Creek trail, but it ended shortly after at Gronn St. Short on-road detour via Ayr St, Darebin Bvd, Clough Pde, Tunaley Pde and Dalton Rd to meet with the Ring Rd trail in Thomastown.

Now headed west along the Ring Rd trail for just a few kms. I was feeling energetic at this point, getting up to 45 km/h on some short sprints. Crossed a large pedestrian/bike freeway overpass, followed the trail another km or two, then turned left on to the Merri Creek trail. The trail here is rough and not at all road bike friendly. Naturally, I got a puncture! Rear tyre – and no spare tube. Spent about 30 mins repairing the tube, but no go. Walked to Gowrie (Garry!) railway station and called it a day. Probably a good thing too, as I was getting pretty tired by now. It was quite a warm day and trying to fix the puncture sapped the energy out of me. Shame about the puncture, because if I recall correctly the Merri Creek trail is sealed south of the BT Connor Reserve (on Broadhurst Av), about a kilometre south. Or at least the surface is a lot better.

A good ride though, and great not having to navigate on my own for a change. Might have to take a mountain bike if I do this route again though! Or just avoid the nasty bits. Or ride slower – nah. 🙂

Bikely links:

Darebin Creek trail
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