Ozzy Osbourne made a new song available online earlier this week as a teaser to his new album ‘Soul Sucka’ scheduled to be released later in the year. The song is called ‘Let Me Hear You Scream’. Guitarist Gus G replaces Zakk Wylde, with Wylde leaving Ozzy’s band after having been with Ozzy for more than 20 years.

Unfortunately the song itself is a bit disappointing and follows much the same pattern as on the Down To Earth and Black Rain albums. Musically I feel it’s lacking in creativity and leaning too much away from the style of Black Sabbath-esque British metal. The guitar solo is interesting not for the fact that Gus G is doing anything unusual – in fact quite the opposite – if you’re familiar with Zakk Wylde’s more recent recordings with Ozzy you’d be forgiven for mistaking the solo for something Zakk might play!

For a song called ‘Let Me Hear You Scream’ you’d expect a lot of anger, but that’s about the only raw emotion you’ll get from this song. This isn’t helped by the fact the song is mastered to be as loud as possible, effectively removing any meaningful dynamic range from the recording, making it very fatiguing to listen to.

Audacity screenshot

Technical notes: The track was ripped from Noisecreep using the Firefox DownloadHelper plugin, with the MP3 extracted using FLV Extract(running under the Linux build of Mono), then loaded into Audacity running under Ubuntu Linux.


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