This is a UNIX, Mac OS X and BeOS port of Gerard van Essen’s “timEd”, a GPLed reader/editor for FidoNet sysops.


The software timEd, NetMgr and WIMM have all been ported to UNIX. In years gone by these programs were distributed as shareware by Gerard van Essen under the name ‘Artware’, however in late 2000 they were released as open source under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) and uploaded here (last accessed 2013-09-20).

Most of the work porting timEd to UNIX was done by Oliver Grimm. Currently the Windows port of timEd is only stable, and semi-usable, when compiled using Cygwin. To date there has been no attempt to port it back to OS/2 or DOS. Contributions are welcome though! The latest version is stable under Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS and Mac OS X.

WIMM should compile under Windows, UNIX, OS/2, BeOS & 32-bit DOS. There has been a report of instability under 32-bit DOS, but this cannot be replicated by me. It has been stable under FreeBSD during testing.

NetMgr is the most recent port, thanks to Bo Simonsen. Currently it only compiles under UNIX (Linux/FreeBSD) and BeOS. It will probably also compile under Cygwin. It won’t compile out of the box for OS/2, Windows or 32-bit DOS using Watcom, but shouldn’t need too much work to make this possible. It has been stable under FreeBSD and BeOS during testing, but has not been exhaustively tested.

All three require the latest version of XMSGAPI if you wish to compile from source. XMSGAPI is a port of the Squish MSGAPI written by Scott Dudley and released under the GNU Lesser Public Licence.


An anonymous SVN server has been set up for timEd, WIMM, NetMgr and XMSGAPI. If you have a command-line SVN client installed you can retrieve the latest version of the timEd source code using the following command:

svn co svn://

For WIMM, NetMgr and XMSGAPI, replace ‘timed’ with ‘wimm’, ‘netmgr’ or ‘xmsgapi’:

svn co svn://
svn co svn://
svn co svn://


You can make changes to the source code or documentation of any of these programs and have it incorporated into the main SVN repository.

If you’d like write access to the SVN at please send netmail to Andrew Clarke at FidoNet node 3:633/267 or e-mail with the username and password you wish to use.


The latest version of this document is posted on the 1st and 15th of every month in the FidoNet ARTWARE echo. It is also available via SVN as ‘artware.txt’, using the command:

svn co svn://