I’ve belatedly switched my blogging software from Pyblosxom to WordPress (with a SQLite backend). Pyblosxom is elegant in its simplicity but WordPress makes it much easier to add or update posts remotely, among other things. Prior to Pyblosxom I used the original Perl-based Blosxom.

I’ll be manually migrating old posts across as I get time.

Two things made me delay the process. One is that I’m not a big fan of MySQL, which is normally used by WordPress. Fortunately there’s now a SQLite plugin for WordPress.

The other (relatively minor) issue is I needed to configure some subdomains for files that shouldn’t be managed by the blog. I could’ve used .htaccess files with redirection/rewrite exceptions but didn’t want to make things more complicated than necessary. Subdomains (eg. dl.ozzmosis.com) make it much easier to isolate the blog from everything else (photos, software, etc).

Evidently I’d been running Pyblosxom since November 2005, and Blosxom before that since September 2004. That’s a pretty solid run.

Update: All posts have been migrated. There was only one small hiccup with the content of one or two posts causing posts not to publish. The bug doesn’t appear in a test WordPress blog I set up with a MySQL backend, so for now I’m going to assume it’s the SQLite plugin’s fault. More on that in a future post.


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